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Enterprise Social Networks are a popular choice for improving a companies’ internal communication. “ESNs” have major advantages over previously popular company intranets or email. SocialCast was a popular ESN option but has recently announced it is shutting down. For companies looking for the best alternative to SocialCast or companies looking to improve internal communications in general, Joincube is a great potential solution.

A similar, intuitive user interface:

Joincube is easy to learn and use quickly for any range of tech capabilities on your team. The interface is very simple and familiar to use. It’s has a similar feel to SocialCast. Both Joincube and SocialCast have a news and social feed that acts as an intuitive central place for updates. Users can create posts and updates similar to Facebook. It’s something almost everyone already understands how to use. There are a lot of other features that mimic familiar platform interfaces so everything is easy to start using right away. If your team is used to using Socialcast, your employees will find it very easy to switch to Joincube.

alternative to socialcast

Reduce email use with chat:

Joincube has the ultimate chat for enterprise with all of the features necessary for organized and productive conversation. In Joincube, you can chat in groups or have individual chats with anyone across your enterprise. No more scrolling through email threads and trying to look up company email addresses to get in contact with those you need to quickly. With Joincube, unlike Socialcast, you can easily search all chat history so no information is lost in your inbox again. Another Joincube exclusive feature is the ability to restrict chat to keep conversation organized and focused.

alternative to SocialCast

Go beyond just group management with tasks and projects: Choose an alternative to SocialCast

SocialCast had the ability to create individual profiles and manage these in groups to facilitate communication, but it stopped there in terms of collaboration. With Joincube, users can be organized into groups and projects to collaborate together better and more closely online. Users can chat together, brainstorm, discuss plans by department and be organized into project groups for specific projects. A very useful feature that SocialCast was missing is native task management. Joincube users can create tasks in their groups and project to turn the conversation into focused work. You can assign users to tasks, set deadlines, notifications, set task priority, and create personal to-do lists to better organize towards goals. This is much more effective than delegating work via email.

alternative to SocialCast

Keep your enterprise on the same page with Joincube Calendar:

Joincube allows your team to better organize towards goals and deadlines with built in events and a calendar. Everyone across your enterprise can keep up with important dates, deadlines, and events at anytime. It’s a great way to centralize your enterprise and align broad strategy across departments. It saves time communicating and coordinating across departments. SocialCast did not have a built in calendar or events, despite this capability being one of the most important for better centralizing an enterprise.

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Share files and work together more conveniently with this alternative to SocialCast!

In SocialCast, you could upload files into an “attachment” section for groups, but it wasn’t intuitive or easily found. In Joincube, you can upload files from your computer, Google Drive, and even notes from Evernote straight into your conversations, groups, and projects. While you discuss with your team you can simultaneously work together on files. It’s easy to keep tasks, files, and conversation organized across your enterprise. Anyone can also search for files so now important information is ever lost and no time needs to be wasted scrolling back through email threads.

alternative to SocialCast

Integrate the tools your team already works on:

To take away the pain points of real-time communication and organization across your enterprise, Joincube seamlessly integrates some of the top tools your team already loves. Your team can use Google Drive to share files. Project groups can edit documents simultaneously using Google Drive in Joincube. Your team can also automatically import events from Google Calendars to keep all planning and special dates organized for everyone to find in one place. Logging in and setting up personal profiles is easy with Joincube with the ability to login and import your data from LinkedIn.

alternative to SocialCast

Outdated company intranets don’t fit in innovative, growing enterprises. Your team needs the right functionality and simplicity necessary to really boost engagement and productivity across your company. Joincube is the perfect solution for better connectivity. Try Joincube with your team today. [:]

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