How to Achieve More Transparency in Your Business?

Enterprise Social Networks facilitate transparency by giving leaders a voice, flattening the corporate structure, breaking down silos and improving the new employee onboarding process. 

If transparency is the goal, an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) is the tool to get it done. Here are the 4 ways ESNs make for a more transparent business environment:

1) Give leaders a public voice

With ESNs, CEOs and other executives are no longer far off entities, disconnected from the daily realities of their employees. They are people with a profile picture located on the same platform as their employees. They can have their voices and opinions directly reach the entire organization or just selected groups in a more personal and social way. When employees feel more connected to their bosses they are more likely to give their full effort towards completing the projects they have been assigned.

ESNs allow CEOs and upper managers to be more transparent and more actively engage their employees to more effectively create the kind of business culture they desire.

2) Flatten out corporate structure

With ESNs, leaders aren’t the only ones who gain a stronger and more influential voice.

In the modern enterprise, influence is not a zero-sum game and great ideas can come from any level of an organization.

Employees see that their opinions are taken seriously and thus are motivated to continue sharing ideas and experiences. Consequently, leaders can more easily identify the brightest and most influential employees.

Only with an ESN’s open platform can a company harness the collective intelligence and creativity of the entire organization. Need a new idea for a marketing campaign? Why not pose the question to the entire department or organization and see what happens. You may be surprised where the best ideas come from.

3) Break down silos

ESNs erase the silo mentality by making it easy to collaborate across departments. Need to boost sales for the next quarter? Loop in the Marketing, Sales, and Accounting Team to see what’s feasible and what isn’t. Share necessary documents, communicate in real time, and find information instantly without having to navigate through endless email chains. It makes working together easier, more interactive and more open. Teams will build relationships, align their interests with that of the company’s, which will make it easier to collaborate in the future. No more silos.

4) Instantly integrate new employees to reinforce company culture

Finally, new employees will instantly be brought into an open environment. They will see a platform with plenty of information, shared experiences, and projects with input from individuals across various departments. They will quickly adapt to the company culture, be more open to share innovative ideas, and truly feel a part of the team.

The transparency process has become engrained into your business culture via your Enterprise Social Network.

This culture will reinforce itself with every new employee and lead to a more collaborative, innovative, and efficient workplace.

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