5 Reasons To Adopt An Enterprise Social Network In Your Company Today

Companies are always looking for the best technologies to adapt to a world in constant motion where the flow of new information is getting faster daily. Companies need to be able to keep up and communication between different offices, project teams and functional areas is vital.

Here are 5 simple reasons why your company should seriously consider adopting Joincube today to ensure your employees are all on the same page:

1) Better results with less effort and more transparency.

Joincube will help you reduce reliance on in person meetings, create better projects with greater team participation and less time spent looking for information and navigating through unending email chains. A McKinsey study estimates that employees spend around 28 hours per week writing emails and looking for information. With Enterprise Social Networks like Joincube McKinsey claims that employees can expect a productivity increase of 20-25% after 3 months of active use.

2) Easy, uninterrupted access to all aspects of your work

No matter if you’re traveling or in a meeting out of the office, with our native apps for iOS and Android your teams will always have access to the latest project updates and documents from their mobile devices. The business world is always on the move. You need a tool that gives to the flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime.

3) Eliminating geographic and departmental barriers = More Innovation

CEOs claim that the biggest obstacle to innovation is the lack of communication between company departments. With Joincube, this problem is solved. The Marketing and Sales teams can work seamlessly together in the same platform to create the best campaign possible. Whether your employees are working in a different area or in another country, Joincube unites everyone on the same platform. The result is obvious. More collaboration = More innovation.

4) Hire and retain the best talent and reinforce company culture

A study by the University of Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) found that new generations rarely use email as a form of communication. Instead they opt for communicating via social networks and instant messaging apps. Now that these new generations are entering the work force companies that continue to rely on traditional forms of communication such as email will not be able to hire the best talent.

Additionally, when new employees start with a company that uses Joincube, they will need less time to get up to speed and start contributing. All the information and training materials they need will already be on the platform. All their colleagues as well in case they have questions. Joincube creates a more transparent and inclusive work environment and helps to create and reinforce a creative and positive work culture in the company.

5) Low costs and Best in Class Support

With no installation cost and transparent pricing we compare very favorably to other more expensive alternatives that don’t have the capacity to give you the personalized attention and support you deserve to make sure implementation in your company is a complete success.

Check out our pricing here and sign up for a free trial account today!

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