Attract and Retain Young Talent With An Enterprise Social Network

When the human resources department looks to recruit talented young people they often faced with the challenge of finding candidates with the required skill sets and retaining those talents after bringing them on board.

People aged 25 and younger, the denominated “Generation Y” are especially demanding in what they look for in a new job and at the same time quick to change if they aren’t satisfied.

Despite this, these young people are increasingly important to companies given their mastery of new technologies.

In different studies carried out by Human Resource consultants, they found that nearly 30% of young employees have left a job due to lack of benefits and other 30% due to poor work culture.

Several strategies can be used by Human Resources and Internal Communication to make the company seem more attractive to younger workers. A good idea to create a link between the company and the employees belonging to the younger generations is to use an Enterprise Social Network. Many young people have admitted in surveys that they often connect to social media at the workplace and that they value being able to do so.

The Enterprise Social Network allows the company to demonstrate that they are up to date with the latest technologies and that they use them to encourage more open participation and collaboration from the employees.

The online environment, the space in which Generation Y has grown up, allows young talent to feel comfortable at work and with how business processes are executed.

Enterprise Social Networks allow colleagues to collaborate, create and organize projects, save time on tasks and improve the way they work in teams. Additionally, it’s an excellent benefit for freelance and remote workers. The home office is one of the most valued benefits by young people and with an Enterprise Social Network this flexible work environment is easily coordinated since all the information you need and all your colleagues are located on one easy to use mobile platform.

An increasing number of companies are joining the trend of creating Enterprise Social Networks to get all their workers on the same page and reduce reliance on email. Are you ready to give our Enterprise Social Network a try?

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