3 Errors To Avoid When Implementing An Enterprise Social Network

The initial implementation of an Enterprise Social Network in a company is a key process: doing it right determines in large part the success of its future use and the internal communication strategy. What are the most common errors and how can we avoid them?

1) Assume that my employees will participate actively without a prior information campaign.

Even though an Enterprise Social Network is simple and easy to use employees need to be informed of its implementation and its possible uses so that they can start collaborating. Many times this tool will change the way employees get work down, and you need to prepare them for this change. In the initial planning stages it will be necessary to determine which business processes will be changed and above all which will be improved and made more efficient. Employees will participate more if they understand how the Enterprise Social Network makes their job easier.

2) Not measuring results intelligently.

In order to know what results we are getting from the use of an Enterprise Social Network in relation to the investment that we made and the internal communication objectives, we should establish parameters that are both smart and useful. Many Enterprise Social Networks provide analytics tools and statistics automatically. But if we only measure the number of people that created an account in the network or the total number of posts, these statistics won’t really show how effectively the tool is being used. The right way is to measure individually to know if the employees are using the Enterprise Social Network and how. Some useful indicators to keep in mind are: response time compared to similar communications done via email, engagement and response rate to company wide communications and time saved executing tasks using compared with the old task management system.

3) Underestimating the importance of executive participation.

The bosses and executives of the company should go through training about how to effectively use the Enterprise Social Network and the goals for its implementation. The participation of company management in the network is key to motivate the rest of the employees since one of its primary benefits is facilitating more horizontal communication. Additionally an Enterprise Social Network gives executives the perfect platform to communicate company goals with employees and receive real feedback in a dynamic non-intimidating setting.

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